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Design - Realisation - Repair - Transformation & Remodelling of Jewellery

Hi my name is Katja, 

Award winning Designer and Maker of fine Silver and Gold Jewellery. 

Passionate about Upcycling  and Ethical Gemstones, based in the southwest of France in the beautiful Dordogne. All my Designs are Handcrafted by myself in my Atelier de Pimpernel. Using Silver & Gold from suppliers in France and natural earth mined Gemstones sourced from trusted suppliers around the world.

The finished Jewellery is marked with my registered French Makers Mark. 

Every single piece of Jewellery is made with love and care, in limited Collections.

Being passionate about Gemstones I use them a lot in my Jewellery designs, you can never have enough of them. Also a large stock of Gemstones, found on my Travels are available to purchase for your individual Jewellery design.
Upcycling your old and unwanted Jewellery into something new and special for you is one of my favourite projects.
Lets Pimpernel your style!!!!




As an Artisan Jeweller, I work with different methods to create my Jewellery collections, inspired by what surrounds me, especially nature.
I also design and create Jewellery on personal request, such as engagement rings, wedding rings, cocktail rings, bridesmaid gifts and personal favours etc. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants as well as the transformation of your old jewellery into something special for you. And for those creative people who don't have the material or the practical knowledge, but a design in mind, why not choose a gemstone in my shop and I will create your design for you. If you have an individual order, please contact me and I will try to realise your dream...


Ethical statement

All the gemstones I use and sell come from around the world from Trusted sources. Over the years, I have managed to create good contacts with artisans Miners and gemstone cutters of whom I have visited quite a few, to make sure they don't use child labour and are treating their staff fair, for the country they are based in.
I like to support small businesses as much as I can, with whom I have created over the years a really good working relationship based on Trust. 



Hand Selected ~ Great Quality ~ Fair Priced
There are a wide range of gemstones available in different cuts such as faceted, cabochon or rose cut. I am starting to cut my own gems in fancy shapes also available. All the gemstones are hand selected and I do my upmost to describe and rate them in quality as fair to my personal knowledge. All the gemstones are good value for money as it's very important to me to be fair priced. 



Jewelry Maker's Table


Since my childhood in Germany, I have been fascinated by jewellery and gemstones, like my grandmother who used to open her "Treasure box" and explain to me everything about them.
All through my life, I have been a creative person, seeing everything around me having the potential to become an arty object. I have been lucky to be surrounded by people who were happy to share their knowledge and support me where my heart was leading me on.
Over the last 25 years I have been making ceramics, stained glass, wood work, candle craft, fashion design. I studied what was my passion all along and became a fully qualified awarded Artisan Jeweller. Following my specialisation in gemmology, my latest endeavour is becoming Lapidarist Artist cutting my own gemstones.

About us

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Atelier de Pimpernel

Dordogne, France

(+33 )   0604479171

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Siret: 48439448100028

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